Custom domain issues cPanel

Hi everyone
I hope someone can help.
I am trying to get a custom domain working and it just isn’t happening.

The domain and DNS settings are accessed by a cPanel interface, and inputting the A and CNAME records don’t allow for the connection of the Webflow project. However, something is happening there as when I publish the site on Webflow, the project screenshot that appears on the Webflow dashboard is the same as what is currently being displayed on the domain.

If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Boccafolle

Hey Frazer,

The problem is definitely in your cPanel config, or in where your nameservers are pointing. You’ll need to talk to whoever you’ve registered your domain with.

Webflow’s IP’s aren’t being shown at all.

Hey, thank you for your speedy response!

The individual previously in charge of the domain confusingly also used a OVH account for the DNS settings, so I gained access to this and changed the A and CNAME records in relation to the Webflow project - and it worked!

Initially the non-www domain did not redirect to the www domain, however as I was writing this it appears to have fixed itself - guess the DNS just took time to update.

One more thing, if you don’t mind, the email account has stopped working. The owner doesn’t know where it is hosted, and the old web developer is incredibly unhelpful so it’s hard to find out. What would you suggest?

Thank you for your time!

Most likely that email account was part of the hosting plan on his old site.
You best bet is to call them, and find out

a) Did the client have email there
b) How do you keep it running, even thought the website hosting has been shut down
c) What DNS settings do you need to make it work

And then update your billing and DNS.

I’ve found cPanel very difficult in this regard, in how it manages DNS records for email v. websites, it’s a bit of a mess to figure out.

If your client’s priority is to get back online quiickly, I’d setup Google Workspace asap for them, update your DNS and then figure out how to download and transfer your old mail if possilble.

That last part is the tricky bit, since you’ve already moved the domain, you no longer have access. The hosting provider should be able to give you some access options. Hopefully. Good luck


Looks like OVH is/was the provider.

Look at Configuring your email address in the Mail application for Windows 10 | OVH Guides

I would confirm that by having the client login to the webmail account in the docs.

If OVH is the provider, you can reach out to that providers tech support.

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cPanel has been nothing but unhelpful, I am trying to organise a Workspace transfer asap.
I will try and move the email across and see how it goes.
Thank you very much!