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Hi, I’m a bit confused. I have a site that has for example. I want it to point to a webflow page I created that is called /contact for example, So in the redirect box I put:
and in the direct to I just put:
and I get a 404 if I type in
In addition the URL changes from the above to just
Now if instead I do a redirect that says
/gardens -> /contact
Then when I type in without the extension, then it goes to the contact page. But I need to be able to type in gardens.htm and have it go there for the search engine. What am I doing wrong. And also, if the new page actually called contact and not contact.htm? I didn’t know this was legal.

I suppose the first question is, are you paying for hosting? If you are not, you can’t redirect from a non-webflow-hosted domain(otherwise they’d never make any money because we could all do it).

Yes, I’m hosting on webflow

Ok, so now I’m a bit confused. Why do you need to redirect anything? Which plan are you on?

An answer to my question would be nice instead of all this interrogation. I’m using the re-direct as I’m sure it was intended, to direct search engine listings that still point to the old web site to the new web site pages so I don’t lose rankings.

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Dude, you really don’t get it do you? The questions asked are to determine your setup as you have not adequately provided an answer that would make a HUGE difference in the answer given. In fact, because you have purposely avoided a proper answer, you will never get a proper response.

If you are NOT paying WebFlow, then you can NOT redirect anything to WebFlow. You are ambiguously using the term ‘hosting’ without answering if you are paying for it or not. Which, at this point, I suspect you are not and are simply looking for a way to get around paying. If such is the case, good luck with that.

If not, then plainly answer the questions asked of you. Striking an attitude is a surefire way to get ignored so I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt here.

OK, if the information is needed for a response, my apologies. I am on the professional plan and am also paying for 2 custom domain namings in webflow. Both site are currently on another server that I am retiring from and for the new sites on webflow I have changed the structure of the pages and the names are all new as well. Since there are residual links to the old website structure on google searches I want to redirect these searches to point to the new pages on the websites in webflow so searches don’t get 404 pages. Thanks for the help.

Can anyone help with this? I’ll try and make my question a little more clear.

I have 2 pages made in webflow that show as on the url bar and each page is called home and contact. This is published under the custom domain name

Now if I go to a browser and type in the contact page shows. If I type in I get a 404. If I just type in then the home page show as expected.

OK, now on my old website on another server I have which in the hosting tab I have a redirect like this /gardens.htm and redirect it to mydomain/contact so that if someone clicks on a search result that says gardens.htm it will go to the webflow site to the contacts page. But instead what happens is that the URL automatically changes to mydomain/home and then a 404 page shows up.

Someone please help, I have another site I need to publish on webflow and I can’t do it until I get this to work

Thanks for the explanation. That helps out tons.

As I’ve not done enough work with DNS and redirecting, there should be others to help out there. I only have vague ideas and nothing concrete enough to give you further details.

I did find this by searching the forums, sounds like it might be the best option so far.

Thanks for the response DragonDon. I have contacted support and am waiting for a reply. One thing I discovered is that this problem only seems to occur in Chrome (Windows). If I fire up Firefox on my Windows machine, then the redirects completely work! Chrome seems to be holding on to old re-directs as I’ve noticed as I’ve been playing with it, it goes to re-directs that were experimented with much earlier. A suggestion box also drops down below the URL edit box with the old re-directs displayed and just uses those even though I’m typing in something new. Very strange. I’ll see what support has to say.

If it’s just one browser that has the issue, that would tend to point to a DNS cache for that browser. that’s where I’d look first. Can’t that I’ve ever heard of a webserver setup to purposely give one browser the wrong URL while working fine for others.

If you are running windows, CCleaner does a good job at clearing out more than just temp files. Also a command line of "ipconfig /flushdns’.

Could also be the router, reboot that using the 30-30-30 rule9

Hope it get solved regardless :smile:

Thanks for the tips. I did a flush and reloaded tabs in browsers and slowly but surely things are starting to work. I think doing just a simple refresh in a browser window goes a long way. Whenever I test things I usually just type in the url I’m testing without refreshing it and refreshing makes a big difference. I found that these things called “slugs” have some bearing on re-directs and search engine clicks of old web site and who knows what else. I’ve been having so much trouble I think because of the inconsistent test results from cache and reload issues and propagation from the domain registry, as well as slug names and re-direct entries. They are all interconnected and can create quite the roller coaster ride. I think almost everything is working as it should now. Thanks again for the help.

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