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Changed from hostgator to webflow and email does not work!

Hey guys :smile:

So, I currently have hostgator with two domain names(my personal blog and my business website)

I switched my business website to webflow because I was redesigning it and hosting it with webflow.

I did the design switched my DNS and now my website is successfully hosted with webflow.

The only problem is that I am NOT RECEIVING ANY EMAILS to the email registered with my domain.

I am currently using google apps and since I changed the hosting provider, I haven’t been receiving any emails.

Is there a way to solve this? Thanks!

That’s something you need to look at in Google and your host. Probably nothing todo with Webflow as there isn’t any email hosting.

@jdesign is probably right. Services attached to a domain name have to be setuped. You must have transfered all the services to Webflow, which only need the www. Depending who handles your domain, the procedure must be different. You should ask for support at your registrar on how to configure emails back to how it was.

To give you an example, you could setup the www.domain to route to webflow server, the http://subdomain.domain to route to another server, the email to another, etc… There is somewhere a server (your mail server) that is awaiting your emails to send them, but nothing arrives because all traffic attached to your domain is routed to Webflow server.

If you don’t know what your mail server is, probably it’s handled by your registrar, the company that sells you the domain name and setup it for you.

Hi @alfonsorodz, sorry to hear about the mail trouble. Check with your DNS servicethat your MX records (mail server) is setup. It probably would take about 5 min to fix this at the DNS settings. Which DNS service do you use? You may need to contact to their support on this. I am happy to help guide you if you get stuck :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Solved it. Thanks guys! It was an issue with Hostgator.

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