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Problems with badly designed templates

Hello All,

This is both a bit of a help question and kind of a best practices lecture for people creating templates. I recently bought the Mill template and have had a lot of problems with the way it is designed. First, there are no directions or information about how to view certain elements. That took a few hours of messing around to figure out how to edit the gallery descriptions.

Secondly, I think all template makers should make each section a symbol and then unlink the symbol so we can always go back to the symbols palette and drag out each section as they were to begin with. I think this is a simple and effective workaround that should be stated in the template requirements if possible.

Anyway, does anyone know how I can get back the key features section of the mill template? I thought I simply hid it but turns out it got deleted.


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You should have a snapshot of the template before you made any changes to it. You can view all your site snapshots in the versions tab of your site settings.

I have since put 50ish hours of work into it. Can I duplicate it and go back to the first version? It seems like theres no way to go back without losing everything I have done. Not a great system.

Hey @DFink

Im the author of Mill, i don’t think the Mill template its badly designed, its not the good term to use :wink: And if u have problems with the template or you can’t find something, its easy to contact me via email or in forum and i can help so you can’t lose hours to find something! We will work with Webflow team to have more good documentation in future to explain key features of templates! And if u don’t know how to find my mail you have a SUPPORT section here and you can find it!

Please let me know for everything you need and i can help you!


Well I have had a bunch of issues that are a result of poor planning. The biggest of which is on touch devices, the description for the portfolio section are not visible at all. Obviously there is no hover on touch devices so the entire description is lost. Major oversight.

Also, small thing but the close button on the contact sidebar. You used an image for the x but css for the circle which makes it off center on different devices. Why not just use an image that has the circle as part of it?

I am in the process of attempting to fix the first issue of the description but because of the way you implemented it with interactions, there is no way to deactivate the interaction on touch devices only. I have a feeling I will need to recreate the entire section. I pretty much already recreated the entire page so my client’s money in the template is wasted.

If I ever create templates, I would post them on the forums first to get peoples opinions and find any issues before releasing them. Or at least make them updatable or something. I think webflow’s way of charging for each implementation of a template hinders this. What other template that you purchase limits you at 1 use? None that I know of.