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Some problems with Fly template

Hello, I have some problems with the Fly template.

  1. How can I view end edit the Scroll Header section? I don’t see inside the editor.
  2. The same problems with the Contacts section.
  3. When I try to edit headers text at option-section and after I applied the changes, system automatically add text span tags inside the headers, and text is changing it’s style from headers to something else.
  4. When I click “to the top” button at the bottom of page, all of my browsers shows an error windows with the text “Could not find the section with ID: top”.

How can I fix all of these errors?

Hi @SimWhite, try this:

.01. Double click on the symbol to enter editing mode. Select the very root element of the Symbol. Go to Styles and then set Display property on the root element of nav symbol to Display Block from Display None. By default that nav menu has display none, so you first have to enable the display property to block. After editing, remember to change the visibility of this element back to none.

Check that on that one…

.02. Check answer #1
.03. Can you share your website preview link, it is in Site Settings, Enable Public Link and copy that link, here, we can check for you.
.04. Make sure that the actual elements you are linking to, are section elements, if you link to a div, it will not work, not without some custom jQuery code at least. If you still have the problem, please include that to the sample site and public link you provide in step #3 :smile:

We are happy t provide direction…We recommend for fastest learning curve transition to Webflow, that you view our tutorials at

I hope that helps !

Cheers, Dave