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Help with paid mill template

I purchased the mill template and have tried to contact the developer for answers to 2 questions but no response. Wondering if any one has experience with it. In particular it has some graphics on the front page that slide up revealing some text and i cannot figure out how to access the text for editing. As well it has a slide in email/contact form which I cannot figure out how to access its text or contact information. Probably simple answers if the developer responded but short of that I’m looking for help here if anyone is familiar with the template.

Hey @adtastic

Im the author of Mill, just curios in what email you have send the question, can find any mail from you in my inbox, please send me a mail here and will be happy to help you :smiley:


that is the email address I used as it was provided by webflow on your template page. check your spambox.

for the gallery, you can just select the image link and go to the bottom on transform and choose move up to temporarily move it up and access the text below. I was wondering the same thing till I dug in a bit. Honestly, there should be annotations for templates for each sections. Webflow are you listening?

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Hi @DFink, yep we are listening :slight_smile: You are right, more documentation the better. We encourage our template authors to have as much documentation as possible for their templates, and we are looking at ways to make that process better for everyone.

Cheers, Dave

Super! Thanks @DFink! Much obliged for the answer. Now just to figure out how to access and modify the text and address info on the slide-in email contact form. :smile:

And yes, a help file or annotations for these things should be a given as it is likely we buy a template because we don’t know what we’re doing to being with. :wink:

Contact form is the same thing. Go to the site tab with the overall view of the elements in the toolbar. (Forgot what it’s called). Find the contact menu section. Select it and go to the style palette and go to the position section and move it left. You might also have to make it display block as well, can’t remember. I’m surprised the author hasn’t gotten back yet. Maybe I should make templates with awesome support. Hope that helps

Hey @adtastic

Sorry for the late reply have some problems, hope you have fixed the problem. About the contact just need to make it Block and you will see it :slight_smile: @DFink thank you for your help!

Let me know,