Site Template has no editing options

I have a paid, CMS hosting site.
I wanted to change the template, so I created a new site with the template
Portfolio Starter
I transferred my old CMS site to my new and it confirmed success. On the dashboard, the new site shows as the paid CMS one.

My problem is when I go to the designer, almost all the editing options are gone. I can’t create a new page, there’s no variables, components or style buttons. The template shows it has all these things.

What is going on? How can build upon this template and why would it hide everything?

Thanks for any help in advance.

Here is an image of what it looks like in my designer vs. the marketplace



In the top right area of the designer there’s a little dropdown that says “Editing”. Change this to “Designing”.

Got me too. Hate how Webflow defaults to editing sometimes.

:crying_cat_face: … but … it worked! Thank you.