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Pro Plan / Team Plan - do I need both?

Hi all,

So I’ve read a few previous topics but apparently I haven’t had enough coffee today, because I’m still not 100% clear on the answer.

I am currently on the Lite Plan. I wish to upgrade to a Pro Plan in the near future. I may also need to collaborate with a remote colleague in a couple of months - by that time we would both already have Pro Plans.

As we will already have Pro Plans, would purchasing a Team Plan replace these Pro Plans, or do we have to have both Pro and Team in order to both collaborate and maintain our own Pro working area? Are we able to simply purchase a Team Plan and cancel Pro, and continue to have the same account benefits?

Thanks in advance!

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A cheeky little bump if I may, for any of our American friends just hitting the early afternoon and about to enjoy a cup of coffee! :slight_smile:

Hey Andy,

Nice question, I was thinking about the same situation.

After reading this article:

My understanding is that the Team Plan gives you all the benefits of the Pro Plan, with the added functionality of inviting another Webflower (your colleague) to have access to the projects in your account. So you could have a Team Plan and invite your colleague to have access to your projects.

If your colleague has a separate project and wants to invite you, then he would have to be on a Team Plan.

So…in summary, Team Plan replaces Pro Plan, but exposes all projects to your colleague?

Does that help? or Confuse More?!

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Hey @knk, thanks for the response!

That does make sense, and thank you for the link… the only thing I am still not sure about is whether I can still maintain my own working area if I only have a Team account. There will be projects that my colleague doesn’t need access to, so I’m wondering if that means I will have to have a Pro account as well as a Team account.

Any idea?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I was wondering.

Because the Team Account makes ALL projects available to the colleague (I’m part of another Webflower’s team and I can see all of their projects) they’ll have access to all those projects.

Therefore it seems that to keep projects separate, then the two accounts will be needed?

Maybe @sabanna or @sarahfrison or @WebDev_Brandon could help?


That’s interesting, I really appreciate you letting me know your experience of the Team plan - it’s hard to tell when I don’t have access to one!

Hopefully one of the Webflowers you tagged can help clarify :smiley:

Thanks again @knk!

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Anyone able to provide some input on this please?

Ooh, dang someone tagged me and I’m not sure of the answer :sweat_smile:. I’m on a pro plan but haven’t had the need for a team plan so I can’t say for sure.
I’d reach out to support to confirm.


Hi Sarah,

I’m the guilty party (tagging you), I thought you might have had some insight (being the knower of all things worth knowing :thinking:), but not to worry :sunglasses:


@knk haha! Can I get that on a t-shirt?! :joy:

I’m a bit late to the party, but since I’m just writing a blog article about Webflow’s Team Plan, I thought I’d answer here anyway - maybe someone else is having the same question.

So, if you are purchasing a team plan, but still want to keep certain projects out of reach for your team member, you will still need either a Lite or a Pro Plan in addition to your Team plan. If you are happy with the limitations the Starter Plan has, you could also get away with that one.
Hope this clarifies things.