Pro Plan - Help webmasters - How to invoice clients?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I am new to this forum. Nice to meet you.

I currently work as a web designer for a company, and I also have my own clients.

I’ve been designing with WordPress for more than 10 years, and I’m a bit tired of the updates and their slow creation process. I need something new.

I have no doubts about the platform, but I do have doubts about its billing.

In a WordPress budget he charged three points:

  1. Web design (single payment)
  2. Hosting and domain (the client renews it directly with the provider, but I have a small extra fee)
  3. Monthly maintenance (some clients request it)

I understand that in webflow, I should contract the Pro plan to be able to design unlimited pages for my clients. Also, they would have their own panel. It is right?

On the other hand … How do I invoice the client? What concepts must pay?

I have read that the client pays direct payment to webflow for the hosting service, and I can add a fee to this regular payment.

In addition, there is the affiliate program. Is it compatible with the Pro plan?

Are a lot of things. I know.

I hope that some freelance webmaster with more experience can help me :slight_smile: