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Clients Prefer WordPress (I don't use WP)

I am having trouble converting new leads on to Webflow because of the inflexibility of hosting. For example, I can’t add a new client on my project directly from their email or in an easy way to get the introduced to the prototype.

I need a way to do 3 things…

  1. Set up client billing before I touch any new websites. Simply an account ready to charge against for templates, hosting fees, etc.
  2. A way to transfer on the lite plan
  3. A way switch Webflow templates by simply updating theme chosen. Currently once you set a template, you seem to be locked in

How can I solve this issue?

Hi Cameron

Only way to start billing is to start a project and add Client billing. Other wise you have to charge the client yourself.

It should be possible to transfer to any account from a pro account.

You mean like you can do with Wordpress, just switch theme at any time? Yeah that’s not possible with Webflow.

There’s cons and pros to everything. I try to point to all the pros with Webflow and respond to all questions about the differences and if they still want Wordpress then there’s not much I can do. Sometimes I say how I can help with a custom built theme or I can help set up a site with a ready made theme for them. I’t seems that many like the idea with switching themes. I wonder if that kind of customer is right for me. I want to help those who want something custom made.

Cheers :grinning:

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Also - on the transfer issue - check with support about upgrading to a Pro plan for a limited time and then back to Lite - I think there may be some flexibility billing-wise - but check direct…