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Hosting for a client

Hello there.

I am new here and am starting the process of updating and modernizing my clients websites to new sites using the Webflow designer. Unfortunately I still don’t fully understand how to manage client hosting part… I don’t mind hosting with Webflow but I don’t want be responsible for my clients hosting anymore so what is the best way to set them up with Webflow hosting?

Do I use Client Billing and purchase/manage hosting and direct bill them (I don’t want to pay for hosting and manage that.)
OR do I ask them to buy a Site Plan and Connect their new website to their webflow site plan account that they have purchased and just publish to that?

On a lite plan, after that is published to a customized domain (that client is paying for on a Webflow site plan) does it still count towards my 10 projects or not? I would still probably need to update the site later in the future.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully someone here is or was in the same boat as I am.


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Say they do not understand why explain to how account plans choose one option: Free STARTER, LITE or Pro?

What there is free forever? do not know when you host with webflow? Or you can free one host only example webflow.oi. What do you mean free for freelancers with client billing? Which get a free individual for freelance, or freelancer include with client billing.

Say Lite, do not understand “A plan that lets you export your code for use in other environment or build prototypes”? I think that is good individual for a freelance need build prototypes and code export.

Say Pro, do not know which is one active freelance or one web designer want more projects or unlimited projects, any etc. Do not premium features! I like best is active freelance choose one which web designer.

Yes, two different web hosting companies for examples; 1and1,, etc and only one host only example website.oi your name e.g. peterportfolio.webflew.oi, johnwebdesign.webflow.oi, etc.