How to charge my clients for hosting

Hi there, I’d like to understand better how webflow works and its pricing. I’m a web designer freelance and I’m trying to figure out what plan is best for me and my clients. I saw there’s a freelance plan, may I ask how should I organize my clients? Like how many websites can I deliver from my account? Should I create the website on my account and deliver them on my workspace or should I create them an account? How much should I charge for hosting for each client? Do I still have to pay a monthly plan for each website (so each client) or do I just pay the freelance plans everymonth and not have to pay for each site I create (so I basically just let my clients pay for the domain) Looking forward to your response! Thanks!

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  1. Freelancer Plan:
    The Freelancer plan is designed for professionals who build and manage websites for clients. With this plan, you can create and manage multiple client projects from a single Webflow account.

  2. Organizing Clients:
    You have a few options for organizing your clients within your Webflow account:

  • Workspace: You can create a separate workspace for each client. This allows you to keep their projects separate and manage them individually. Each workspace has its own billing and hosting settings.
  • Account: Alternatively, you can create websites directly within your main account and organize them using folders or project labels. This approach is suitable if you prefer to manage all client projects within a single workspace.

Consider the number of clients you have and the complexity of their projects when deciding between workspaces or organizing within your account.

  1. Website Delivery:
    You have flexibility in terms of how you deliver websites to your clients. You can choose to:
  • Create and manage websites on your account: Build the websites within your Webflow account and transfer ownership to your clients when the project is completed. This allows you to retain control during the development process.
  • Create an account for each client: Set up separate Webflow accounts for each client and build the websites within their accounts. This approach allows clients to have direct access to their websites and manage them independently, but you will not have control over their accounts.

Consider your workflow, client preferences, and level of control you want to maintain when deciding how to deliver websites.