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Billing question

I am building a website to be hosted on Webflow servers so that I can use the CMS. My issue is that the client wants to be billed for the service directly. Is there a way to allow for this? Thanks.

Yes. With a Pro or Team plan, you gain access to the client billing beta which allows you to directly send invoices to your client automatically:

So I am currently billed yearly for the Personal Plan. For the ability to bill the client directly, I would need to upgrade to the Pro Plan for $35 per month billed yearly. Then there would be the additional costs billed to the client for CMS hosting ($10 per month) and custom domain name ($20 per month). Is this about right?

That is correct. You can also add on your own profit margin in the auto invoices

Thanks for the info. Any plans to extend Client Billing to the Personal Plan? I am not sure if it is worth it to upgrade to a Pro Plan just for one client and I surely don’t want to bill $49/month to a non-profit.

Personal is made for personal projects. Meaning not clients. :wink:

I don’t see this coming to Webflow any time soon. Because it wouldn’t make sense to buy a Pro plan. Hope this explains why there is no point of having the Personal plan incorporate the billing feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a shame that Webflow doesn’t allow for non-profits to be able to access cheaper access to their CMS.

Perhaps client is not the appropriate word as the “client” is my son’s baseball team organization and they are not paying for the site to be built. The “bill” to which I referred in the previous post was $10 for hosting + $20 for custom domain + $19 to cover my cost to upgrade. I am not making any money on this at all so in effect it is a personal site. The gentleman who is president of the organization wants to be billed directly which is the issue here. It does make sense not to incorporate the client billing on a Personal Plan now that I think about it but it would be nice if there was some allowance for a non-profit to use the CMS at a discounted rate.

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what you can also do is charge the President of the org for a year of hosting, then let Webflow’s payment system charge you.

If you setup a separate free account for the baseball team. Then they would just pay $20 a month for CMS hosting and you would also have separate billing. The down side is you’ll have to build the site under the free account and have future access if you need to make changes. But thats not the end of the world if you just want to provide a nice website for your son’s team and not have to worry about dealing with the financial side.


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