Private cloning link

I want to create a website for a client with my own account (I have a lite account plan) and then once it’s complete transfer the website to the clients account that he or she has made

I don’t want to bill the client through webflow and I don’t want to create it in their account (which I ask them to set up after I’m finished) as I like to have a certain amount of privacy during the creation phase and I don’t want them signing in and looking at what I’m doing / possibly getting involved

I tried making a site clonable and then signing into theirs and cloning it but by the time I’d done that some other random person had also cloned it!

Is there not a way to clone a website privately or send a site to someone?

from the dashboard, click the three dots and then setting.

On the project page, next to the project’s name, you will see an icon representing a person and an arrow on its left.

Click it to transfer the project and then input the email that your client used to sign up on Webflow.

If you want to keep a copy of the project, duplicate it first.

private link with the option to cloning - that’s what I’m waiting for! @WebflowCommunityTeam Do you work on it?

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We don’t have a private link yet, but there is a public link for sharing.

@WebflowCommunityTeam Sorry for replying to such an old topic, but is the private clone link something that we can expect in the future?