Possible to transfer/copy a site from my account, to a client's own?


I recently built a site for a client using my own account on Webflow.

My Client’s are now desiring that they be able to easily edit things.

I am planning to create a new account for them to edit their site.
But since the site is currently on MY account, I’m worried that could be an issue…

Is it possible to “copy”, or “transfer” their site from MY account, to THEIR NEW account?
I use my own account to build sites, export them, and upload to a separate host.
So I would need to someone allow them to access their site to make adjustments.
Is it possible to somehow create a new account for them, and “copy” or “transfer” their site?

Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


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“Transfer site” is a Webflow feature. To be able to transfer a site, you need to own a paid Account Plan (a Lite, Pro, Team or Enterprise Account plan). However you can transfer a site to someone who has a free Account Plan.

Click on this in Site’s Settings:

Then fill this:

  1. The email of the recipient must be his Webflow account email.
  2. The site is really transferred! So if you want to keep a copy, make a copy before transferring it.