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Copy a Project to a new User account

Is it possible to copy a Project to a new User account? I have a client who would like to start with a copy of my project that they will then use and edit under a different URL. Is it possible to set up a new user account and copy a project from one user to another?

Professional Accounts have the ability to transfer sites to other users.

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Thanks, I suppose another option is to export a copy of the HTML and CSS?

Not if they want to use it in Webflow, but yes if they are hosting is somewhere else. You might be able to make the site public and clone-able and allow them to copy it. Then remove it from your public profile. You run the risk, though unlikely, of someone else cloning the site.

Hi @Greg_Hart, normally, you need to be a Professional plan member of Webflow, to have the capability to transfer a site to another user. What I suggest, is that you contact to our support desk at, and we can take a look at your specific situation to see how best to help :slight_smile:

Cheers, Dave


Cheers Dave, will do. Appreciate the fwwdback