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Clone To a Team Account

This may be covered somewhere that I can’t find so sorry if it is, but I’m trying to clone projects (like the style guide) or similar, but figure out how to make the clone appear in my team account and not the personal account. Is there something I’m missing? I’m logged into the team account, visit the clone link and it creates the project in my personal account.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

This is something Id like to know as well.

Hi @pixelsock and @WebDev_Brandon, you will need to clone a site first on the Personal account, then transfer it to the team account using the Transfer project feature:

I hope this helps

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Thanks for the update. Do you know if this will always be the answer? Or will we eventually be able to select what account we want to clone projects to?

Hey @pixelsock and @WebDev_Brandon!

Thank you so much for this suggestion, I went ahead and added this item in the Wishlist for you, I would encourage you to vote for it so it can be sooner considered in our product roadmap:

All the best :sunny:

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I only have a Lite personal account as I don’t want 2 accounts so I can’t do any more than 2 clones. Seems a bit odd…

Agree. There appear to be a few little user journey problems on this platform.