How do I share websites?

I am a freelancer but I’d like someone else to create sites for me occasionally. I want to access his sites, but I don’t want him to access mine. Have you got a way of doing that?

If you only want to have a look, The designer can make a public link ( or the designer has to make a “Shared” link, There you can see the site in the “designer” but chances will not be made.

As freelance Webflow designer normally you “transfer” your ceated website design to another account.
That means: To see the design in the “designer” The designer must transfer the design to you.
The only way to acces his sites in the “Desinger” is by getting his login code.

Thanks Koen. How do you ‘send’ a site to another account?

Here’s a link “How to”:

Much appreciated. Thanks Koen

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