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Prices net of Tax (VAT)

My Webfow eCommerce website is a B2B. As such, it needs to display prices without the tax element. And then show the tax as a subtotal in the shopping cart. (A fairly common B2B feature in the UK).

Cart Example

Product £10
Product 2 £10

  • 20% Tax £4


Can this be achieved? I have tried turning off “I’ve included all taxes” and repriced everything net of tax. However, the checkout didn’t show the tax.

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Hi @RugbyWebDesign . I check with the team and it is not possible to show taxes in the shopping cart. The taxes are calculated based on shipping address based on varying tax laws .

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help Nelson, shame as would be a worthwhile feature. I’ll have to add it to the wishlist.

The same situation in whole Europe. Value excluding tax and with tax, and the amount of the tax itself, must be visible in the summary. It’s a necessary functionality.


Is this something @foxy can handle?

And prices also should have a possibility to be presented as netto and brutto amounts.

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Hi @RugbyWebDesign. Thank you for the nudge. Yes, what you’re after is possible with Foxy. Here’s a screen shot from a Foxy + Webflow cart:


More info about integrating Foxy into Webflow can be found here: Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance.


@PixelGeek didn’t they say during the Q&A last Tuesday that the VAT can be included or not?


Yes it is possible to mark tax/vat as being included in the product price which is what they were referring to during the livestream.

However, currently the taxes only show on the Checkout page and not in the cart. This is true of either tax setting.

Up until now, I had a line next to ‘Add To Cart’ stating “Prices include tax where applicable” for my B2B client.

However, the client (and more importantly their visitors) would prefer to see prices without tax.

After watching the live-stream, I flicked-off the “I’ve included all my taxes” switch and repriced all the taxable products. However, because the cart still did not show the tax breakdown, I was not sure if it was working or not.

Surely if Webflow knows the tax element for the Checkout Page, this could be added to the cart too? Without making this clear to website visitors, it makes our stores look less trustworthy.

@foxy - We have the same issue. Our webflow site is b2b and we are in New Zealand so it seems we can’t display prices excluding GST and then add the GST at checkout! Are you saying foxy is a solution to this? If so can you explain how please?

Hi @900robman.
Here’s a screenshot of how taxes are added and displayed with Foxy:

Is this the format you’re looking for?


Hi @foxy
Thanks we’ve already played around with foxy and yes it will solve the issue ans we are going to use it.

Attention all B2b sites in countries like NZ. This is the way to add tax at checkout.

Webflow- pretty disappointed this workaround is required for functionality that is so basic for an ecommerce store. And double so that one only finds out this is an issue once you’ve committed to the platform.


@900robman Totally agree with your frustrations. It is something I raised with the eCom team months ago, yet nothing has been done to resolve, what seems a straight forward thing to update.

Fair play to Foxy/Josh (and his hard work helping us). But these integrations just cloudy the water and make Webflow + Foxy + Payment Gateway too expensive and clumsy to sell to clients.

For several projects I have just gone with Shopify, because the Webflow eCommerce basics are still missing ONE YEAR ON! My main gripes are…

  • The VAT / Tax handling (as discussed on this thread)
  • The lack of very basic client-side fulfilment (order printing, label printing, shipping integration)
  • Webflow billing in $USD, making UK client billing impossible due to the invoice in wrong currency and additional banking fees for handling foreign currency.

I love Webflow, but I repeatably feel frustrated that the devs priorities are focusing on the wrong areas. Please, lets get the basics right first.


@900robman @RugbyWebDesign
Thank you for your feedback. To confirm, Foxy brings so much more to the table than just fixing the tax issue. Also, Foxy + any of Webflow’s non-Ecommerce plans is generally less expensive than a Webflow Ecommerce plan alone.

That said, Webflow’s Designer is where it’s at and can’t be competed with. So we definitely understand the desire to have everything in Webflow.


Yeah the irony, it’s going to be cheaper to use your checkout than to use webflows.
My complaint is this Webflow. We don’t all live in the US. Its a global market. Make solutions that work for everyone. But your new, sure ok fine. But then make this known upfront instead of letting people build whole stores to discover right at the end they can’t price their goods correctly - something that most people would consider a basic of ecommerce! Now you have a pissed off customer instead of a disappointing one. Not a great start guys.

And a agin great foxy we are going to use you guys but for us its a work around for a very simple missing feature that is a showstopper for us


Still no news about showcasing price without VAT on the e-commerce menu, and only add it to the checkout?

I am also very frustrated about this because to realise that I have paid for a one year hosting e-commerce plan.

@RugbyWebDesign have you found a solution on your side? and if so what is it please?
My B2B clients are going to think we are 21% (Spanish IVA) more expensive than we actually are…


This is ridiculous!!! Couldn’t agree more. I’m in New Zealand and have committed to the product on behalf of a client and only now when the site is finished have I found out they can’t tax their items properly.


Grrrghhh. Another lost lead to a Woocomerce developer because Webflow Ecommerce STILL doesn’t have the ability to quote product prices net of tax and with tax. C’mon guys at @webflow, it’s 2021

Any news on this? I need to exclude TVA based on TVA number for cross EU transaction