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Let's have a link to that tax guide included here


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I’m beginning to feel deflated with Webflow eCommerce.

Still no guides/links on how and where tax is added, no tutorials in the university, no way of testing carts. It all feels a bit of a let down. C’mon Webflow, this feels like you’ve launched Beta prematurely.

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Don’t forget is a BETA version for testing

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Hi JanneWassberg, I appreciate it is Beta, but how can I test the platform if I don’t understand the payment and tax processes, don’t have any tutorials to help me, and cannot test my carts (without buying hosting).

Don’t get me wrong, overall I love Webflow, it’s the best thing to happen for me and my business. However, the Beta launch has left me so frustrated. I bumped this thread as the OP was 6 days ago, without one single reply or explanation.

Hey @RugbyWebDesign it actually is possible to test the carts (not orders) by using the https:// protocol in the url address bar followed by your address. This is necessary because the cart can’t function without SSL. See Webflow staff explanation below. Hopefully this answers your question about cart testing without hosting.


To provide additional context, we’re working on making SSL for sites the default to make testing smoother. In the meantime, as @matthewpmunger points out, you can switch SSL on in your project settings, republish, then add https:// in front of your staging URL to test out your cart.

We’ll also be putting out comprehensive video and written educational material when we officially launch (that missing tax guide link is our bad). That being said we do have a “Getting started with Webflow Ecommerce” guide that we’ll be releasing soon on Webflow University that touches on taxes and almost everything else in the beta.

Thanks for the patience!


@brjohnson so can we process test transactions using Stripe in the test environment?

Unfortunately no - you cannot test transactions at the moment.

@brjohnson will that be available at launch? It’s going to be difficult to launch a store if you can’t test payments and actual receipt flow related to a payment.

This thread has gone in a couple of different directions, but here are some notes and helpful resources to share for the original question:

We actually removed that note in the product because our own tax guide has not been completed yet. However, we rely on the TaxJar system to power our automatic tax calculations, and they provide a ton of great informational resources as well. Here are a few:

Hope that helps!

As for Checkout ‘test mode’ – it’s something we’re looking into and continuing to discuss. Won’t make any promises around timing yet though, as there are some technical challenges we have to work through still (not as easy as flipping a switch in this case, unfortunately).


Hey @kkilat

For test mode, do you know if it works to login to Stripe, enable test mode there, and then enable checkout in Webflow? Assuming ecommerce hosting plan is already active. That might be a work around for now until test mode inside Webflow is possible.

Haven’t tried it yet but was thinking about it.

Thanks to Webflow for enabling SSL ‘as standard’ so quickly. :+1:

However, I’m still puzzled as to whether Webflow Eccomerce is going to suitable for my B2B clients.

I’m in the UK, so my question concerns VAT (Value Added Tax). Many companies (and their accounts depts) ignore the VAT element, so my clients websites needs to accommodate this…


Product Page quotes price £100 excluding VAT

Invoice Email looks something like this…

Product 1 … £100
Product 2… £100

Sub Total … £200

VAT (20%) … £40

TOTAL … £240

Can this be achieved with Webflow, or should I be looking at other cart options?

Its the same in Sweden. B2B is Always excluding VAT and the presenters as @RugbyWebDesign did in the post.

Then we have the B2C market where the total price Always is including VAT. Here we need options for the ECom.

Some using ECom is sroring and presenning the price including VAT but it still needs to be shown in the Bill/invoice as described earlier.

Some using ECom is storing and presenning the price not including VAT and need to calculated the VAT and show it on the Bill/invoice

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@RugbyWebDesign can you test Stripe transactions if you pay for hosting? I didn’t realize that. I thought there was no way to test at the moment.