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Ecommerce VAT Field

Good evening!

I am using Webflow new and the Ecommerce Template METEORA.
Unfortunately the VAT is indicated in an extra field in the shopping cart and also not in the checkout. This is in Austria and Germany from the legal regulation.

I would need a way to add a field that is calculated from the total price (in my case 20%) So the formula would be: selling price divided by 6

For instance;
Total € 1200,-
VAT € 200,-
Total amount incl. 20 % VAT € 1200,-

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this.

I would be very happy if someone could help me.

Greetings from Vienna

Hi @Lenzomio Welcome to the forum.

This is something I have struggled with since eCommerce was launched. Indeed I have raised my issues with the tax element when talking with the eCom team.

Some of my UK based clients are B2B so want to display prices without VAT, and then add the VAT at the checkout.

I’ve created a clunky workaround for the webpage, but its open to human errors when editing the CMS, and it does not appear on the Checkout.

I hope there is a solution soon, as I have lost out on work because of it.

Hi @Lenzomio and @RugbyWebDesign

In the Ecommerce tax settings you can choose to include taxes in the price or have them calculated separately. Taxes are calculated at checkout based on the location of the buyer.

Hi @AlexN I wish it was that simple.

In the UK, certain products are free of tax (typically food), whilst others require tax adding to the selling price (goods).

Businesses buying from other businesses (B2B) ignore the tax amount (as the tax element is reclaimed). B2B websites tend to quote figures ‘net of tax’ to appear cheaper. Hence why the current Webflow eCommerce iteration is not up to it.

In the UK we need to be able to…

  1. Choose whether each individual product needs tax calculated or not.
  2. Choose whether to display the net or gross retail price on our pages.
  3. Have a clear tax breakdown in the checkout and sales invoice.

Until this is rolled out, I’m having to turn away B2B leads. :frowning:


@RugbyWebDesign Thanks for the clarifications.

1.) We’ve recently added tax categories per product. Not sure if this helps with the first issue, but might be worth investigating.

2.) You can choose to have all products be displayed with taxes included or not. Do you need this to be per product so it can be mixed in the store? Or do you need this to be dependent on the type of buyer who is viewing it?

3.) I assume when you say a clear break down at checkout you need to have the tax inclusive total broken down into the net price + tax = gross price?

Thanks again for all of the clarifications.

Hi @AlexN

1.) I seem to have missed the new Tax Categories per product - great stuff.

2.) I think whether to display tax net or gross would be store-wide. The best solution for B2B stores would be … NET FIGURES large and bold, with a small more discrete gross figure.

3.) Checkout should really be…

Product - Net Price - Tax Amount - Gross Price

Total Summary - Sub Total - Total Tax - Amount Payable

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Thanks for those insights!

I’ll bring this up with the team.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Hi @AlexN

Good morning from the UK. So I excitedly dived into one of my eCom stores to configure the taxes, but nothing seems different to when I first built the store in the Spring.

  • Today, I turned-off the “I’ve included all taxes in my prices” switch and published.

  • I tried to purchase a ‘standard tax’ item. The product Price, Checkout Subtotal and Total were all the same figure.

  • Just to be doubly sure, I then tried to purchase a Food item (which is tax exempt) and ditto, all the same.

The Webflow dashboard appears to be able to cope with want I want, but the end result in the checkout is not reflecting my settings.


Any new on this @AlexN ? Its been a while apparently. This is quite a straightforward and central need for businesses in Europe. I am really looking forward to see something done here.
@RugbyWebDesign did you manage to do improve your website pricing display?

Not really, Jerome.

It’s so frustrating how brilliant Webflow is, yet some really basic features are missing, whilst the more ‘fun stuff’ seems to take priority in development.

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Hi Jerome

Here is an example of what I did as a VAT workaround.

I added a custom price field to the CMS. Here my client has to manually calculate and input the net price on the products where VAT is applicable. (For context, net prices make products appear cheaper, and are favoured by B2B ecommerce sites, as the VAT element is often ignored, as its claimed back).

I created a rule to hide the gross price and display the net price if set.

However, you will see once a product is selected, the Product Page Template forces the Gross price to reappear. (Not a great customer journey).

Plus this workaround is open to human error, in that the calculation might be wrong, or a price change is made, but the net price is forgotten to be updated too.

To conclude, its a bit ugly, but important to my client, as their competitors will all have net prices displayed right up to the checkout.

Thank you very much man.
I use the “compare-at-price” field to show my price without taxes and replaced all “price fields” by the “compare-at-price” one. I added “+taxes” after the compare at price.

Upside: I can display the net price and still have the “+ taxes price” being paid.

DownsideS: it is subject to human errors, I only calculated taxes for my own country and had to put a “Not from Spain? Get in touch for a personal quote” link which slows sales for foreign countries.
If this problem carries on, I might to have to make a copy of my web for each country I want to sell in. Quite a bummer. And one day a mistake will be made that is absolutely sure.

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Answers helped me a lot. Thanks