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VAT & TAX ID in Webflow Ecommerce

Hi there

I am have been looking at revamping a client’s store in Webflow Ecommerce - however I seem to be struggling to find any answers to the following case I am trying to do:

All products are to be £GBP + VAT (20%)
However, there needs to be an option for a client to put in a Tax ID in the checkout field.
Then if the Tax ID is valid, and they are in the EU, they are not charged the 20% VAT.

Rest of the world countries should not have the VAT option appear at all once the location is defined.

It gets more complicated with the UK, since they are still charged the 20% VAT regardless of the Tax ID is added or not - but legally it still has to be put on the checkout and invoices.

Is there a way in Webflow that can achieve the above?
I cannot seem to find any straight answers on the Forum

Many Thanks

Hi , sorry to nudge - but is there any news on if this is possible in Webflow?

It just seems a bit odd that the Tax and VAT in the store is still underdeveloped which is critical for users outside of the US

Hope someone can help!

Did you resolve this?

Any news on this topic?

I am in the same scenario :frowning: an it seems there’s no solution for now