CMS package question

Good afternoon. I’m a new member. My question is regarding the different packages that Webflow sales. They’re somewhat confusing to me. I want to purchase the CMS package. Does the CMS “site plans”, have the same features that are found in the “Account plans” “Pro”? Or is the CMS just added features that you’ll need to have, when you need to add CMS to the websites? Bottom line for me. I need to be able to design websites, but I’ll need to CMS for some of my clients. And eventually will be using E-commerce. Thanks for the replies in advance.

A SitePlan you need for every project if you wanna go online with your domain and if you wanna have more than 2 sites.
You will need a Account Plan if you have more than 2 online projects with not more than 2 sites in your account.

If you wanna export code, whitelable, site with password protection you also need a Account Plan

Thanks for the reply. So based in your reply. CMS doesn’t have the “Account Pro Plan” features. One is solely for the design, while the CMS and E-commerce are tools that you will need if you choose to use them. Got it. It would be great if Webflow offered an Account Plan(s) where e-commerce, CMS are offered as options, within that package vs paying for a separate package. I think that I saw something, where you guys use to do this. It’s less confusing and could be cheaper. I’m not including the hosting part, because I understand that hosting is a different duck, and that makes sense. No more different than me using Dreamweaver for my designing and I have to pay a host in order to upload my website. Which I do.