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Site plan or Account plan?

I’m a bit confused about Site plans and Account plans.

Questions to Account plans:

  • When I have different Projects (Websites) and each with its own domain, will this work with the Account plan or do I have to use a Site plan for each Website?

  • What about CMS? Am I also able to give my client Editor-Access to the website when using a Account plan?

  • And no collection in an Account plan avaible?

Question to Site plan

  • No client billing possible?


  • How will the bills be shiped to my clients? Digital by E-Mail or analog by post office?

Kind regards

This is normal. Because they wanted to make the price right for everyone/every situation, Webflow pricing ended up to be a little bit complex.

You need a Site Plan for each website you want to host with a custom domain. You don’t even need an Account Plan if you pay for the Site Plans, for the sites to be full featured.

CMS: need a Site plan each. As soon as the Site Plan is paid for, you can add Collaborators roles for the CMS. Account Plan has nothing to do with this either here.

Can you rephrase this question please?

Client Billing possible on every site with a Site Plan.

Digital, you have the choice of who’s emiting the invoice: it’s either your name and address on the invoice, or Webflow’s. This choice depends on your local laws. If you’re in France, as Webflow collects the money, then set the invoice to show Webflow’s name and address.

So what is Account Plan for then?

Account Plan gives you the possibility to have an unlimited number of sites in development or just hosted on domain (unlimited for Pro, 10 for Lite). It also gives you the ability to transfer sites to another account. Also unbranded stagings (stagings are sites on .io domain). Also Account Plan gives you the ability to export the code of any of your projects. Also white labeling and site’s password.


@vincent - I haven’t seen more confused pricing anywhere else.

Here’s what I need. Please tell me which one should I buy. This is the website I’m creating.

  1. I want to embed a Typeform, so I want to use embed functionality.
  2. I want to add my custom Javascript, which will enable me to change the UI, once the Typeform is completed.
  3. I want to show UI based on what the user filled in the Typeform. Can I integrate a Javascript API through Webflow?

Number 3 is optional for now. Please tell me what I should buy to achieve 1 & 2, and what to buy to achieve all 3.


Account Team Plan Question:

Its $420 a year…Will I need to pay additional for Hosting?

I’m confused too. I would need custom code (like fullpage.js), but it seems like a hosting plan is needed for that. Why ?
I don’t need any hosting options. I already got one. Just be able to build websites with any code I need, and then export it.
What plan is required ?
Thank you.

To have my own domain name and have more than 100 pages, if I just purchase one site plan for one website, do I need to still purchase an account plan as well ?