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Site plan or Account plan for branding buisness

Hi everyone,

i am new on Webflow and i am a bit confuse with all theses different plan.
I am creating my agency in Branding Strategy and Design Consulting, so i am looking for a place where i can simply create website for my clients and pass it to them to deal with afterwards.

What should i choose ? is it better to take an account plan where i can create as much websites that i want, or a Site plan where i can host them ? I dont even know if its the right propriety…

I would really like some help !
Thank you


Hi Deborah,
Yes it’s a bit confusing but there are many posts that explain the difference.
Basically, the free account plan just allows you to create 2 unhosted projects - i.e. so you can only build up to 2 sites using (staging)
Without a hosting plan - up to a max of 2 pages per site (there is a way around this by cloning a site with more than 2 pages)
With a hosting plan - a lot more

Hosting plans - means you can put a site Live. This depends on your needs - i.e. a basic static site, a CMS site, or an ecommerce site.

There is a restriction (infact quite a few) -
If you want to publish the site - you need to upgrade your hosting plan
If you want to use more item fields in a CMS - you’ll need to upgrade your hosting plan
If you want to add any custom HTML code - you’ll need to upgrade your hosting plan

However in conclusion - depending on your branding site - it may be easier to just build it first on staging, then add a hosting plan as you see fit, i.e. basic first, then CMS.

You should not require any upgrade of your free ‘Account Plan’

Hope that helps.