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Pre-fill Webflow Inputs using Webflow CMS

Hey all,

Curious to see if anyone has a nifty solution for creating a multi-step application form that has a save and continue functionality.

Was thinking of using Memberstack to have a login/logout functionality. Users should be able to submit applications for specific jobs but have the ability to save the form as a draft and submit later. The issue is trying to pre-fill the form from the old answers they have posted to webflow CMS using Zapier.

Hope that makes sense, would love to hear if anyone has any solutions.



Does this help?

This does help but this doesn’t allow users to save their responses and come back to it which is the part that I’m struggling with.

Here’s 1 approach…

If you have, for example, a 5 step form, save each step in MemberStack, not the Webflow CMS. On the last and final step, save it to the Webflow CMS (done through Integromat/Zapier).

If a visitor returns to step 3 of your multi-step form, have it pre-populated from the data stored within MemberStack. They give you attributes that you can apply to each form field for this.

Does that help?

Here’s some observations:
Why are there so many silo’s and abstractions? All these Y-combinator platforms are detrimental to productivity, why?

You could always use a third party form provider that has the functionality built in that you need.