Webflow Form To Update CMS [Memberstack]

I have a pretty extensive project going on and I’m stuck!

I have a membership website built on Webflow using Memberstack. Each member has their own CMS page. On this CMS member page I’ve laid out a form field “update your profile”, the ultimate goal is that members can submit this form field (name, profile picture, description) and this submission will trigger an update on their CMS and publish their edits.

I’m a complete newb at Zapier but it seems like it’s not picking up their CMS ID or the photo they submitted.

Any advice? Drop your Venmo or Apple Pay if you have a solution lol.

Thank you

This may help:

If not look around at the other videos & tutorials, I have a lot that walk through what you’re describing.

Hey @Zach_Wolfe - Duncan from Memberstack here!

You can accomplish what you’ve mentioned by following this guide.

At the moment, you can’t do this with email and password fields, but we’re aiming to change that in the near future! :smiley: