CMS in Form Submissions

Hi guys,

I need a little advice as I plan and begin designing my website, i’m building a multi step form inside a slider with cms linked to each slide.

The essence of this website is a big booking form in which users can navigate between transport, restaurant and hotel and book multiple selections for each whilst still retaining all the form data:

User goes on site → picks city → accesses form (which is a 50/50 split between form fields and cms items in a grid system) - user must be able to select multiple fields with input fields i.e they might want to select transport for three separate days on their trip or pick three restaurants for different dates and time on the same trip —> user submits form → I receive full form data with picks for each cms selection plus the input dates.

I’ve previously built this with a cms list for each service (transport,restaurants and hotels) and linking each up on separate sliders within the form so clicking next takes you through it but when I submit the cms item shows true with a little js but all the fields including the input field for the date picker on the item show empty on the form submissions.

What would the best way to create a multiple selection cms linked form which accounts for user input data? Would I need to create a zap to create a cms item in a list named submissions with all the choices and how could ai then receive this as a form submission to me if this is the case?

Thanks for your time!

Depends on your goals, but for complex checkouts I prefer to have the ability to save step data and apply business logic at each phase of the data capture.

To do that I keep each form separate; the first N-1 forms present their UI, capture and validate data and then store it in the browser’s webStorage.

None of those forms submit the data anywhere, they’re just handled by local custom code.

The last form, N, assembles all of that data into the actual submit to the webhook or Webflow’s default form handler. There you’ll create and populate a lot of hidden fields from your stored data, and send it all at once.

In my implementations, form N is usually just a review step, it displays everything for confirmation before sending.