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Possible wishlist when creating a CMS item in collection with multi-reference assignment?

Perhaps my CMS schema could have been designed differently, or maybe I ran into a potential future webflow feature. Here’s the gist of my three collections:

  • Products
  • Product Categories
  • Product Types

Using by reference and multi-reference fields:

  • Product Categories can have many Product Types, but each Category never shares the same Type twice.
  • Product Types can have only 1 Product Category
  • Products can have 1 Product Category and many Product Types (types assigned to Category)

What I noticed is, when creating a new Item (in this case a Product in the collection Products), when I assign a Product Category using the single reference field, the next multi-reference dropdown of Product Types contains ALL types, not the ones associated with the specific Product Category.

Let me explain further:

Product Category Collection item “A” is assigned to Product Type Collection Items “1” and “2”

Product Type Collection has items, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”, “6”, “7”, “nth”…

When creating a new Product, I assign it to Product Category “A”, and need to remember to assign types “1”, and “2”, or else the product won’t show up in the Product Type collection page which populates a products list with condition “Product Type Equals Any Product Type of Current Product Category”.

So I guess my feature request is adding conditional logic in the CMS area when adding a new item that we can have a multi-reference options filtered on the same conditional logic used to create our collection lists in the collection pages, so once I assign a category by Reference, the multi-reference category will only show options assigned to the Category.

I hope I this makes sense! The problem I foresee is a client mistakenly assigning the wrong Category and Type combination and the product not displaying in the collection page list.

Edit this is not an eCommerce project, if that makes any difference?