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Multiple Collections in Multi-Reference (again)

Like others (Multiple Collections in Multi-Reference) i see (and want) more possibilities when it comes to the multi-reference field. Here is my youtube comment (from this video:

"Ok, let’s say i have two collections i want to reference to (like authors plus illustrators), but i want the relevant collection items to render in one collection list alphabetically.

So the multi-reference field should not only let me reference to multiple items from one collection, but to multiple items from multiple collections.

And somewhere (in the collection panel or in the settings panel) should be options for how these items get sorted (like alphabetically).

And to make it even more “complicated”, the options for sorting, should reference to every field, that the items have in common (which, in this case, would probably be name, surname, age, location, etc.)."

Sorry for the bad english, but i hope my point gets clear. Another use case (which i had in the past), could be a page for an art gallery, which has a collection for own artists and a collection for foreign artists. And when there is a group exhibition, one collection list should list all participating artisits (own and foreign) in alphabetical order (according to the surname). I think that would only be possible with the method i described above.

Thank you and btw: Webflow is awesome!

EDIT: Added to wishlist, please vote (

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