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CMS filter by multiple-reference field

Currently, you can filter items in a collection by the same field (e.g. “current category” of an article), but only if that field is a text or single-reference field. I’m trying to filter articles that have the same tags as the tags of the current article (for a “recommended for you” section), so I need to be able to filter using a multiple-reference field, since each article has multiple tags.

Hope that makes sense. Great work, all. Webflow is awesome—has revolutionized my life.


Same challenge here + how to make boolean operations between tags to filter like: “BIG (and) RED” = list items that are tagged BIG and RED tags.

I know this creates complexity but it is possibly the most common use case when using tags to enable quick narrow down filtering of larger collections.

br Tomas

Same here, this is a high priority feature for me. Been struggling with workarounds for this for rather too long…!

Webflow’s traction keeps growing - we bring it to new customers too.

Advanced filtering could help to build smarter customer need driven landing pages.

My vision is a simplified screen of just handful of main topics. When clicked one, there would be a cloud of related sub-level tags (content hints) which act on AND operand = customer picks all those that make one logical target = “Oculus” “Industrial” “over 50.000 €” = they get filtered references matching those tags.

That type of approach gets customers fast to the references they are looking for.

Not a coder, guess this could be doable as a custom thing.