Cms request: duplicate collection option

I have a collection but don’t want to re-create all the entire structure.

Because I cannot filter by “multiple-reference”. I am not forced to create addition collections for my “vendors” collections. And all vendors will typically contain the same information.

so my sub-category will be as follows

DJS collection

filtered by LOCATION reference.

IF I had the ability to MULTI-REFERENCE then I could simply have all my vendors under 1 collection VS. multi collections for each category (ie. DJS, photographers, catering, cake decorator, etc.)

See my non CMS page for just 1 of 10+ locations

You’ll get the idea of how content gets filtered by LOCATION / CATEGORY / SUB CATEGORY


I would like this as well. I am having the same problem. I have a “product” collection, and each of those is a category.

Now, when the amount of stuff that is under a reference in a collection gets unwieldy, editing each item will be a pain. Also, when there is an “invisible” field in the collection, such as a sort order, it can’t be simply edited within the editor.

A bit of a pain.

There could perhaps be choosable sorting columns in the editor?
Just a thought.

Requesting same thing.

That would be very cool, put me down for this one. I am now having to produce an identical collection…

same here, this is a huge oversight!

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I’m in on that. Anyone from Webflow have any ideas on this one?

yep, would love that to be added too

Being able to duplicate collections and collection items would save SO much time. Upvote!

+1 vote from me too –

Count me in…I am finding a need for this too!