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Display ecommerce categories on product list items

I am feeling a bit trapped by this “default” ecommerce categories collection.

Categories are multi-reference. So you can not display them in any product collection list. Eg I can’t display that an artwork is “Acrylic”.

So I could create another single reference field from product to category. Except in my situation I would need to go to the next ecom plan because I can’t delete the default categories collection. It would be rubbish for the client to admin as well.

So I don’t know what to do really. Any ideas that can deliver a sound store owner admin experience would go down really well right now.

Edit: Obviously a good feature would be the ability to change the category to a single reference in the category fields setup. For me multi-reference fields are a constant pain point and now ecommerce is locking me into that issue. One example is not being able to create multiple filters for the multi ref field in order to display collections properly. I end up needing another option or single reference field anyway.

I guess it all comes down to this bad boy :fist_left: