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Multi Reference Sorting ( Feature Request)

I’m building an e-commerce site for my client. My use case would be having various types of collections (shoes, shirts, tees, etc.) using collection pages. One collection has multiple products (shoe-A, shoe-B, etc).

It would be really helpful if the products (shoe-A, shoe-B, shoe-C, etc.) can be sorted in the multi-reference. Otherwise, the order of the products is determined by the sequence the product added in the multi-reference field. One example is every time when we want to change T-shirt A before T-shirt B in the shirts collection. We need to re-build the multi-reference product list in the shirts collection.

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I found out that One alternative is to add type multi-reference in the product collection and then use dynamic list in the collection page. Filter the current type has to be one of the multi-reference types. That will work !