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Client ownership of website

I have a client that would like ownership and admin access to their webflow site, but I would continue to be the web designer for it. I was wondering if others have encountered this and what their process is.

This is what I would like to do:

  1. have the client create a webflow free account (since it is 1 site)
  2. transfer the site to the client’s webflow dashboard
  3. Then client adds hosting to their site

I can login to do webdesign fixes but the webflow account is under my client’s name and ownership.

Any issues with this?

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I don’t see any issue with this.


  1. client creates free account

  2. client creates a (paid) team with the free account

  3. client adds one additional team seat to add your own personal account to the team, so you can access their project in their team

  4. you transfer the project to the team

In this way, both of you can make changes to the project, but since they own the team, the project belongs to them. All team members are considered a “pro” account while working on projects in the team.

  1. In the future if they no longer need you, they can just remove you from the team

I just realized I can’t transfer a site unless I have a ‘pro’ account.
The problem is that I don’t do enough site designs to warrant a pro account, so even the team pricing is more than I want to spend.

I’m good with accessing the client’s dashboard for any design updates, but now I am not sure how to transfer that site without upgrading.


If you follow my steps exactly, you will be able to do so.

Anyone can transfer a project to and from a Team if they are a member of that Team regardless of their individual account plan.