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Positive criticism required

Hi Folks,

This is our new webflow website, and it is doing quite good at the moment. However, if anybody has an eye for improvement and any suggestions, then i will really appreciate that.


Site looks very good.

One essential thing is that most of the portraits in the TEAM section and OUR ADVISORS.YOUR BUSINESS ADVANTAGE have distorted aspect ratios (squishing peoples heads in an unflattering way). Double check the sizes. When I right-click and open the photo in a new window the distortion on the page is fairly obvious.

Also the group photo at the bottom. In the browser I can inspect element and set this image to height="auto"to correct it. Currently the photo is vertically compressed by about 20%. Natural aspect ratio as placed would make the image 1000 x 731 (the orig is 1200 x 877).

use height=“auto” (if all images share the same aspect ratio)
or place images as div backgrounds set to “cover” (cropping dynamically)
or pre crop images to size outside of webflow (may be the best choice for the type of placement if sizes are not uniform).

you also should probably look at removing spaces or other odd characters in photo names. (use - dash or _ underscore).

Otherwise, when scanning through, it is a nice site with good structure that is easy to navigate. I missed the long scroll down on the front page the first time through. A nice big project - very good to see webflow in action.

Very Good site !!!
I like the way Contact section comes up, i got a very similar idea last week.
It looks like a pop up but its not.

Search is GREAT, how did you do that ? It has a nice transparent background.
but does not resize for mobile ?

Like Vlogic pointed out, some team members pictures are distorted.

Other than that site is EXCELLENT !!!
Congratulations !!!

Me too! Forgot to mention that. Brilliant idea on the contact form. And I like it way better than a modal box. You have a tremendous number of really smart and clean solutions to UI and very creative use of the the components in webflow. Impressive work.

The shadow below sections could scale to fit the browser window.
width=“100%” (0r a percentage 80 - 90%) with margins auto to set to center?

On large screens… the black shadow doesn’t expand.

It appears to be fixed size image.

The shadow under the “Advantage Business is one of New Zealand’s largest independent, non-franchised advisory groups” section appears to be different than all the others. It grows with the page width and is light in color.

See video

Thanks for the invaluable comment V. I will get the images sorted soon.

@revolution Really appreciate for pointing out the shadows glitch, i will tinker with it to get it to expand.

@OrangePeel Thanks. I use ‘swiftype’ for the search function.

Thank you @Zeb_Anwar

What im asking is how do you manage to put the black background on the back
and make the Swiftype appear? I think you can do the same with any kind of content
not only Swiftype.Just by interactions? Thank you!

Great site very well done! I have a quick question. How did you create the shadow on the thin blue strip section? It looks like it’s peeling off effect?

Thank you