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Seesaw Agency Website

Hi guys,

I would really appreciate some specific feedback on my website, in terms of layout, presentation, navigation and overall usability. How does it make you feel? What does it make you think?

Many thanks,



I really enjoyed the pure and clean look of your site. Well done!!

The only thing, I personally would change, is to make the scroll down arrow more perceptible. Because the start screen is fullscreen and animated I waited for a self-disappearing of the start screen. I reckoned the scroll down arrow very late :sweat_smile:

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Like the site design. Quite distinctive. Think the copy needs to be more compelling and specific though. eg We make things work is too vague. What things? How do you make them work? Tell me quickly what specifically it is you do and how you can help me.

Hope that helps


Nice design.

But I got really confused with the Blueprint. At first i thought I was going to build the site, then I realized it was a form, so are you going to build it? Maybe instead have it Make a blueprint ?


Really nice!

Lovely use of typography and gradient animation. The only thing you’re missing at the moment is some examples of your work :slight_smile:

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Love this one!

Simplicity, standing out, captivating… You’re really practicing what you preach :wink:

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Ah, guys, I am flattered…

Thank you for all the feedback.

@zackete_de Spot on about the arrow, thank you.

@GrahamCox I completely agree - now that the design is pretty much there that’ll be the next thing to polish.

@VladimirVitaliyevich Thank you Vlad, I’ll have a think about this one. It’s basically a way of collecting a simple brief from the client before meeting / talking with them.

@EvanJones I’ve purposely chosen not to put any work on there, as most of my past projects aren’t suitable for where I want to position Seesaw in the market.

@kasperkazzual You really think? That’s great to hear if so!

Thanks again guys.


I really like it.

Two things:

  • the text that types on the home page - i’d set a height for the element as it causes the other text to jump a little when its typing and deleted…and also, on my screen the bottom of the g in “design” and y in “strategy” are cut off
  • set the scroll bars on the “talk to us” pop out to auto. you’ll have to set a size for these elements in order for auto to work but it’ll look much better

best of luck!

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Thanks Diarmuid :slight_smile:

Good spot!

Beautiful interface & experience. Just one thing, maybe you can add a nice gradient on top of your map? like in


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Great work! LOVE the gradient shifting background…how did you do it?

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Thank you :slight_smile:

First, create a section (or div).

Give it a height / 100% width.

Set overflow to ‘hidden’.

Then create a div within that section and set it to 100% height, 300% width (or whatevery ou want), and absolute position it to the left or right edge.

Then create a transition that moves the inner div from left / right or vice versa.


gradient + transition

I thought that you may have used some Java-scripty magic. Freakin’ beautifully simple and elegant solution Joe! #madprops

I can’t take credit. I pinched it from someone else :monkey:

Couldn’t find the original thread…


Looks great! How did you do the live type/delete text effect?


Hey aOne,

You can follow this tutorial for the same :

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