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Company website - feedback before launch

I am working on putting the finishing touches on our company portfolio website. Open to all constructive criticism and ideas for making it better.
I’ve tried to keep things pretty simple. But wonder if it’s too simple.

thanks in advance


edited the link this should work. Thank you

Hi, Jeremy! The link doesn’t seem to want to load. Can you generate a new preview link for us? :slight_smile:

updated the link please give another try. thanks

and the working webflow site. With slider using dynamic content


I would kill the zoom effect of Logo, it’s seem a bit old school and cheesy.
When the logo gets to the full size the reflection part of the logo actually kinda works with the water part of the photo, maybe a fade-in would work better.
The nav bar is to big… I understand that you are putting the logo there and that’s whats making it big., I think you need to create a smaller (more horizontal) version of the logo like without the reflections on it. so you can show the logo in a proper size without making the nav bar so big. And you see it already on the hero section having it shown twice is a bit redundant.
I would make the background of the nav a solid color because as you start to scroll down the page the nav starts to blen with the page to much. Try background-color: #2f6686;

That’s my two cent take it for what its worth.

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I really appreciate the feedback. I like the fade in better. I never realized the svg was so large i think I will use a gif instead. I was debating back and forth between the opacity of the navbar. But I think your suggestion for color looks good. I will look at the logo. Maybe eliminating the water portion of the Logo will work or maybe it’s overkill altogether. I’m also thinking of putting a CTA at the top of the page somewhere.

Again I appreciate you taking the time to give some feedback/


Would love some more feedback from our diverse community if you can spare a minute.

Hi, Jeremy—there’s some great stuff here and I think it’s going in the right direction. The single-page design is working nice and smoothly, and I’m digging the responsiveness. :sunglasses:

A few quick things to cover regarding the potential for improvement:

  1. Hero section: The giant logo in the middle of the screen doesn’t really provide anything to a potential client. You already have the logo on the top-left, and that space could be used to describe who you are and what you do. Furthermore, the logo features a reflection which looks a bit out-of-place because it doesn’t meaningfully line up with the background photography. Also, the main hero overlay washes out the beautiful photo and gives off a darker, colder vibe.

  2. Copy: I say this with all due respect: a lot of the copy sounds a tad gimmicky. As a potential client, phrases like “website design for creative minds” and “we understand creatives because we are creative too” make it seem like you’re pandering. You have some great design work here—let that speak for itself without talking about about how well you relate to clients! :slight_smile:

  3. Work: Three things here: (1) I’m not sure you’ll feature your own acting website as the first sample of your work. (2) It also features the same image you use in About—might you consider using a different headshot in About or on your acting page? (3) The other two website links don’t seem to be working.

  4. Testimonials: The testimonial section is a nice start. A word about sliders for testimonials: if you have client feedback, show it! Forcing the user to scroll through slide after slide makes it tough to share with your potential clients that your past/present clients love the work you’ve done!

Keep us updated—looking good!! :+1:


Excellent points thank you. Appreciate it. Definitely some things that will help make the design stand out more. Which is the whole point.

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