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Position Sticky not working

Just a quick question about Position ‘Sticky’.
Does anoyone else got a problem with getting ‘Sticky’ to work?
Currently working on a project, and yesterday ‘Sticky’ worked like a charm. But today… well… not working. And no matter what I do, I can get it to work. Not even when I re-build everything with new class names etc.

Would appreciate some feedback on this… and if you know how to fix it, I would be very grateful.


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It’s hard to answer without a URL. Anyway, under this link, you find some ideas:

Don’t overflow:hidden

Specifically, look for any overflow property set on the parent. You can’t use : overflow: hidden , overflow: scroll or overflow: auto on the parent of a position: sticky element. – stackoverflow


I support, I also recently used the position: sticky and it worked once. Вid not save the page with the problem and rebuild everything with the help of position: fixed + interactions.

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Thank you @Siton_Systems and @bro-design for your help! I really appreciate it!

I know I havent used any overflow: Hidden…I haven’t used it on anything on my project… but, believe it or not, I did find a overflow:hidden on a page wrapper… The main div block, so to say… and the one I’m using ‘sticky’ on, is about 6 levels down from there… lots of parents in between.
How this happened, I don’t know… but I’ve found and solve the problem now.

So thank you so much guys, for all your help! :slight_smile:


Changing an item to overflow shouldn’t stop sticky working - I think that’s bad on Webflow’s part and needs looking into as I’ve had the same problem


That was helpful to me. I could identify the problem. Tanks!

Yeah! Thanks a lot! Mine was working perfectly and then stopped working out of nowhere… and then I found an overflow: auto on a different element. Turned it off and now sticky works again :heart: :slight_smile:

I think that’s not something Webflow should responsible for.

Freaking lifesaver :smiley: Thanks Siton!