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Issue: "Position - Sticky" only works for me if the element is in the body

Setting “Position - Sticky” on an element (and defining a top distance of course) works fine for me, but only if the element is right in the body. If I put it inside any other div, sticky goes away and it just behaves like relative.

Am I missing some special setting I’d need to take into consideration?

I checked everything on the forum and also watched the WF University video but can’t find anything useful.

Any ideas?

(sorry, I can’t share the project publicly, just thought I’d try here before bothering support)

Hi @bennyhagen

Can you share your read-only link please?

Check to make sure none of the parent elements have overflow hidden. I was having an issue with sticky and that was the culprit for me. It is mentioned on stack overflow that if any parent element has overflow hidden sticky won’t work. Since it works for you in the body, I’m guessing that there is an element somewhere down the tree that has overflow hidden set.

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Thank you! This fixed my issue :pray: