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Sticky Element Not Working

Having some trouble with a sticky position element (“Sticky Block” on my site). I’ve looked at a bunch of other posts and it looks like most of the problems are due to some overlooked parent div with overflow: hidden. I’ve been through mine a dozen times and as far as I can tell all my parents are visible. Also confirmed that no parent element has a set height, per the Webflow article on troubleshooting sticky elements. No custom code on the page or site. Any ideas? Am I missing something obvious?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Your sticky block is related to its parent column which is the same height as this block so there is no scrolling happening. Add position: sticky to this column and it will be sticky related to the overall columns block.

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That did it, thanks so much!

Happy to help, I know sticky is not the most easy and straightforward element to use.

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Thanks for this comment! Mine was also in a column and was screwing me up :sweat_smile:

Hey Everyone!
I’m also having troubles with my sticky position. All of my parent elements have an overflow of visible and don’t have a set height. If anyone can help it would be great!

Here is my read-only link: Webflow - zzz media 2

The section I am talking about is named “website processes” and I am trying to make a horizontal scroll.