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Scroll Interaction not working [RESOLVED]

Hi guys,

I’ve been working on an arrow on my site, which goes to the top section. Nothing really special.
I added an scroll interaction to it, as I’ve done to a couple of sites with the exact same settings.
However, this time it doesn’t do the trick and I can’t for the love of god figure out why…
Please help, here’s my public link:

Kind regards

I don’t think the way you describe your issue is helpful to understand your issue, what’s the problem?

(you have the hiding interaction set on both the link and the image BTW)

Hey @vincent that actually fixed it! Thanks a bunch!
Sorry if I didn’t explain it well…

It’s ok. Adding the same interaction to a parent and its child is very common in Webflow because of the way you select elements. It happens to me all the time.