Pointing Webflow IP to Wix account

Hey. I’m not very savvy when it comes to DNS settings and pointing IP’s, so I’ve got a question.

My client wants to point their Webflow IP, to the DNS settings in their current WIX account. Is that possible? And if so, what’s involved?


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Hey @TripleAre,

When you say ‘…point their Webflow IP, to the DNS settings in their current WIX account’, do mean they currently have their website hosted on Wix, and now they have a new webflow website and they want their domain name to point to webflow so the new website (on webflow) will load instead of the old website (on Wix)?


Hey Keiran,
My client’s current website is on Wix, and I’ve built a new site on Webflow. My plan was to point their domain to Webflow, but the CTO has asked me to point the Webflow IP to the DNS settings at Wix. I’m not sure if that’s as easy to do as pointing things at Webflow.

Thanks for responding.

@TripleAre - Wix provides DNS services, Webflow does not. You have to follow the Webflow docs to implement custom domain name hosted sites. I had a client that was on Wix and I migrated them. I recall that doing so required that I move the domain away from Wix DNS services, since they were canceling Wix services anyway. I provide DNS hosting for clients or use Cloudflare for it.

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Here is how to edit a domain name that is managed on Wix:

Edit A-Records


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for responding everyone. I’ll be working on this next week. Hopefully all goes well.

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