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DNS/Hosting question

We’ve built a Webflow CMS Site for a client and now we’re needing to point the domain. I’m trying to figure out how best to direct the client to do this as their DNS situation seems a bit out of the ordinary.

The DNS that we’re wanting to point to Webflow is which is what they’ve been using for years. However, they also have and “pointing” to

We reached out to “the person in charge” of this in Guatemala asking them to set the A records and CNAME per Webflow’s hosting info this is the response we got back.

Currently is pointing to this azure DNS: Now if you want to change the to another site please send to me the new IP public address or the new Azure DNS.

Not sure how to respond and am hoping some more knowledgeable than myself when it comes to DNS could help point me in the right direction.


Hi Bryan,

essentially you are only affecting where the sub domain is pointing to.

Much like it currently points to, updating the DNS CNAME record to point to your new sub domain address (which you’l create as per the info below)

Let us know if that makes sense,

BTW - Did you reference info regarding setting up ‘Custom Domain’, or ‘Custom Sub-Domain’?

Here is some info regarding setting up custom sub domain records.

Thank you for your reply… Sorry for my confusion on this. I feel like I have to relearn this every time I do it.

So, based on the “Connect a Subdomain” instructions you pointed to, it appears that this is how I should input the info into the hosting tab. (see attached image)

I’m I correct in assuming that all I need to do is have the clients DNS contact update the CNAME record to

Thanks again for the help.

Hey Bryan,

No worries - DNS records can be tricky, especially if you don’t handle them regularly.

Yes, you are correct… Remember though that DNS records can take some hours (sometimes 24+) to fully propagate fully throughout all DNS servers in the world.

Well done.

Awesome Thank you so much for the quick info!

Hey KnK,

I have one more question… just for clarity i’m curious, how does simply updating the CNAME record to “” allows for DNS to point to my particular Webflow site. Logic was assume that it would need to be a unique address of some sort. Seems like is more general to all Webflow sites. I’m sure i’m missing some here but just curious as the basic concept.


Hey Bryan,

yep it is a ‘generic address’ for all webflow sites.

The magic happens at Webflows’ end that it knows to point to your website hosted with them. (as a result of you setting up the custom domain info within Webflow)

That’s what makes Webflow so awesome!!