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Attaching websites to domains hosted elsewhere


I couldn’t find the answer to this anywhere.

I have multiple domains registered and hosted with other companies.

How easy is it for me to attach sites built with webflow onto these domains?

Thank you.

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Hi @Jared-

You have a couple of options with Webflow.

  1. You can have Webflow host your site, and set your custom domain (with whatever other companies you have them with) point to your Webflow site. The big benefit with this is that you can continue to use the Webflow designer at any time to easily change your content or designs, and publish those changes to your site. Here’s a quick Knowledge Base article on how to set this up if you’re interested: Note that you need to have a paid Webflow plan to do this, however.

  2. After building your site in Webflow, you can Export it – which gives you a tidy package with all of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files for your site. You can then upload that and host it through any other provider you choose. The big downside to this is that if you make changes to your site outside of Webflow (i.e. tweaking the HTML or CSS by hand), they won’t be reflected in the Webflow designer at all – making it a little bit harder to make changes in the future (unless all changes happen in Webflow first, and then you re-export and upload to your hosting provider).

I hope that helps!


Hi, My domain is with FatCow and I am having a hard time pointing to webflow and cannot get any support? When I go to site settings and then custom domain tab and enter my website, it says it has already been added, but does not give me any of the ip address I need to point Fatcow back to webflow. I am using the ips shown on help page. and I have gone ahead and set the A-Record to these two addresses and the dns? What is wrong? I have published site also and unpublished and published again.

These might help you.
Fatcow Video Tutorial or
Support pages from within Webflow use this Tutorial here

FYI the Knowledge Base link in point #1 is a 404

i edited his post to go to this link:

thanks for catching that =)