Pointing a Custom domain from one site to another within the same Webflow account

What steps do I need to follow to remove a custom domain (i.e. mycustomdomain.com) from one site and point it to another within the same Webflow account, without having any downtime on mycustomdomain.com ?

Thanks in advance for any help or instructions

  • Make sure both sites are published, with site plans
  • Remove the domain from Site A
  • Add it to Site B
  • Republish B

Once verified you can shut down hosting on A
Since the domain is already working fine on A, your DNS is properly setup for Webflow and you won’t need changes.

It won’t be zero, but close. Under 30 seconds including the publish.

You can minimize it by opening site settings for BOTH sites in two browser windows, adjacent.
Site A (old) on the left, Site B (new) on the right
Begin the add domain operation in Site B, enter the domain name, but don’t actually click Add
Then remove it from A, Add it in B and publish = ~4 clicks in succession, zero typing

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Thanks Michael!!! Appreciate the helpful reply