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Develop site for existing domain

I seem to remember that it was possible to create a site as a sub-domain in WF and when completed migrate it to a custom domain in WF. Is this possible? I’m looking for no disruption in service for an existing site I want to redesign.

yup. just export your code and push it up to another web host and you’re done :wink:

Thanks PixelGeek, guess I wasn’t clear I am creating a fresh site to replace the old one. I want the old sight to stay live while I design the new and improved in The Mighty Webfow and host with Webflow, Is it possible with links and such to design mysite.webflow and change it to with no interruption (or little).

yes. you can.

once you’re done with your website, just change your DNS settings on your domain name to point to webflow’s servers.

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Thank You! PixelGeek,

It’s definitely possible, but with little interruption. When you update the DNS settings on your domain (godaddy, namecheap, or whatever) it shouldn’t take long to update, but you will have some downtime.

I’m quite good with normal interruption. I’ll be a paid member here soon, can’t wait. Thanks for a great product!

Awesome! Glad you’re loving it!