How long to transfer domain between site in same workspace?

We created an interim site consisting of a couple pages which has been up a few months on a custom domain.

We have just completed a full site we want to launch to replace the interim site using the custom domain that now sits with the temp site.

As I understand it, Webflow can do this for us or we can downgrade our hosting and then just add the domain to the full site.

I take it this means our interim site will go offline while we make the domain changes.

Anyone know how long this process will take? Is it seconds to minutes? Half hour to hours?

I can deal with a very brief period offline but would hate for it to run into hours if we have to wait for something to propagate before we can add the domain.

Thanks and hope I am understanding this topic correctly.

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Just an update on this.

I went ahead and downgraded our interim site that had been using our custom domain.
After this, I went into settings within our new full-sized website and selected ‘Custom Domain’

We have control over the domain which was registered with Google so our domain actually popped up in the field where you type your custom domain.

We applied that and snap! Our site had the new domain set.

So to answer my own question, if you have control of the domain and it was a domain you have already used on another version of the site in the same workplace, the time this might take to apply domain and publish site is probably less than 2 minutes.

One minute and 30 seconds of that was just double checking that you are in the correct site etc. etc.

Very easy to do but not having done it I really didn’t know what to expect.

You can reduce it to two seconds next time if you want;
Open the settings pages for both sites at the same time, in two adjacent browser windows.

Remove from one, add to the other.
If you pre-type the domain on the destination site, you can complete the actual transfer in 2 clicks. ( thus, the two seconds ).

I’ve swapped domains on a lot of production sites…