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(How to) Switch custom domain from old webflow to new (cms) project?


we are currently rebuilding our old (static) webflow site using the new CMS technology. Thus, we currently have two webflow projects - old (static) and new (cms).

On our old project (static) we use a custom domain ( The static website is live and running with a growing number ob users/customers.

When our new (cms) version of our website is ready, we want to switch the domain routing (custom domain) from our old to the new project.

(1) What are the exacts steps to switch a custom domain from one to another webflow project (with no or min. downtime)?

(2) There are NO changes required regarding the nameserver, right?

(3) How long will it take to switch the custom domain from one project to another? What happens during the process? Will there be any down time?

(4) Are there any further steps (maybe outside webflow) required? Any tipps (e.g. how to check that all slugs/URLs are identical)?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Changing Domain is easy with webflow.

Step 1 : cancel the hosting on the old website.
Step 2 : apply the cms hosting to the new website including the custom domain.
Step 3 : oh… wait there is no step 3 your done!

Since there are no chances in the dns / nameserver the chance are instant and there will be (almost) zero downtime on the website.


Perfect. Thanks a lot.

That’s the answer I was hoping for :wink:

yeah only downtime you might have it the time that is used to cancel and applying the hosting. So still best to do it on a time that there not many visitors active on the website.

Sure … but that will only be seconds and thats fine :wink:

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