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Pixels by Percival - New website made in Webflow. Feedback appreciated!

Hey everyone, I recently redesigned my portfolio website. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

I would also love some constructive criticism on how to improve or made it better for my users.

Lovin Webflow and huge props to all of the designers and developers that made it happen!

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You can fix the horizontal sliding bug by adding a overflow:hidden properties to your sections.

Hey @vincent thanks for the suggestion. What do you mean the horizontal sliding bug? Sorry if this sounds naive but I’m not sure what that is hah. Also, would I do overflow hidden for all sections on desktop view so it cascades down through to tablet and mobile views?

What did you think of the overall layout and design?

Ok, check my screencast

Easy to understand why it does that. You have elements that have interactions making them slide from outside of the site to inside. So when the page loads, they are outside the window right? But as your sections aren’t set to overflow:hidden (see behind), the site width is taking them into account. If you scroll the site entirely, the bug disappear because everything is in the window, all the interactions have played. So select the sections you have sliding elements in and set them to overflow:hidden, it will hide the content that is outside the section, thus not taking these outside elements to calculate the site’s width.

Thanks @vincent. I have set all of the sections with moving elements to overflow:hidden.

One question I had was do you know why when I click the links on nav-bar and fixed-nav-bar that the vertical scrolling seems very jerky and not very smooth? Is there something in my layout I can do to fix this or is it on webflow’s end with the jquery scrolling?

Here’s my layout if you’d take a look or think you know why the sliding up and down is so jerky I’d greatly appreciate it.

And yes I see your bug is fixed.

To me, everything seems smooth.
Smoothness can be affected by the power of the computer you’re on, the system, the configuration, how the rendering is done…